The Playable Lego Grand Piano Set Looks Magnificent: A Brief Glance On Its Features

The Playable Lego Grand Piano Set Looks Magnificent: A Brief Glance On Its Features

Lego persists in taking important steps in producing their sets and placing them in the workplace. Adults can go through those hours of crazy work time by working on their favorite Lego sets or just sitting down and playing with their friends. However, Lego’s new release of a grand piano has been met with criticism from adult fans who point out its expensive price tag.

Lego has launched a piano that looks just like the real thing. The “Lego Grand Piano” even includes motor and functioning keys like the genuine counterpart. It’s no surprise that this is such a popular toy. A work of art coming to life! Maybe you know this already, but the Lego creative project is a way for those with design skills and love for Lego to bring their imaginative ideas to life.

It is no surprise that Lego is still doing something impressive, and the Grand Piano set is a stunning example. With over 3,600 pieces, it is sure to be an amazing addition to your collection. Lego is a standalone company, and this particular Piano benefits people who are creative and passionate with their music skills or just enjoy playing around with Lego sets.

With this Lego Grand Piano, you’ll be able to organize your moving hammers, create functional pedals that control a damper. Adjust the height on the bench stretcher using an extendable slide bar, open the lid with a hydraulic opener and close it with a fallboard that can also be opened from below.

functional pedals

There are beautiful intricate details inside each Grand Piano, including a piano made from Legos. The motor pushes it easy to play the instrument, and there is a sensor nearby to make it possible for it to be played.

Even though one can only play music for a few minutes and takes some getting used to, “played” might be generous to call them. It connects to an app on your mobile device that allows you to select any key on a keyboard in sequence as songs are played.

One of the best things about this Lego Grand Piano is its random mode that lets you play keyboard songs, challenging your current physical capacity. It even has an AI mode, so even if you don’t have any experience playing Piano, the app will function as a piano without learning how to play.

LEGO Ideas is trying to get talented individuals to create their masterwork by putting their ideas into the LEGO powered-up app. They can then use these pieces digitally on the LEGO sets and even add a little bit of music using an external MIDI keyboard!


Automatically set to these pre-determined melodies and never have to worry about matching the mood or making progress in your work. You can also choose to repeat once the time is up if you’re distracted by other tasks like creating charts or taking notes during meetings. This is a superb option if you feel your home could use a dash more musical creativity. The building blocks are inexpensive, but it’s hard to be creative without them!

For instance, there is nothing worse than getting an expensive gift that your kid won’t want to play with, a grand piano. Or maybe you’re the one who is giving it as a gift to someone else’s kid who already has everything. Either way, LEGO has solved this problem by creating the Piano, and now any little LEGO lover can enjoy their favorite instrument with extended comfort.

It’s incredible how a LEGO model can look so detailed and beautiful once you take it apart and see what makes it tick. The piano motor contains several complex mechanisms that make it possible to generate power, transform the rotary motion into a continuous subtle musical instrument, and help you take it apart when needed. It’s also quite useful as a tool in your everyday life!