Apple Announces iPhone 11 PRO Max That Comes With First Ever Charger (Fast Speed)

Apple Announces iPhone 11 PRO Max That Comes With First Ever Charger

Apple unveiled several less-heralded but useful enhancements to its iPhone line with the 11th-generation phones. One such change was finally adding a fast-charge feature, though it only seems an option for pricier Pro versions.

Apple has vastly improved its feature with the iPhone 11, and it includes an 18W USB-C speedy charger and a USB-C to lightweight cable in the box. The iPhone 11 supports quick charging and charges up to 50% of capacity in 30 minutes. Apple’s standard 5-watt charger is also included, providing a full charge within hours.

However, the benefit is restricted to the iPhone 11 pro max because the typical iPhone that begins with$699 (£729, AU$1,199) still comes with a sluggish 5-watt charger with conventional USB-A lightweight wire.

iPhone 11 PRO Max Charger

That finally changes with the iPhone 11, at least on the Pro and Pro Max models where Apple has upped its game and included an 18W USB-C fast charger and a USB-C lightning cable in the box.

The iPhone X and eight support faster charging by USB-C cables with the correct ports, meaning the feature weren’t new. Adding faster charging via USB-C isn’t as pricey as you think. For just $19, you can get a 1-meter Apple-branded cable 3 ft, and the 18W adapter for $29.

Until now, iPhone 11 owners have not been able to charge their device with a USB-C charger easily. But today, plugging an iPhone 11 pro max into a USB-C charger should give it a significant speed boost. However, you’ll need to buy both a USB-C adapter and Lightning cable separately.

Although Apple provides a 5-watt charger with the iPhone 11, it is advised that you buy a $30 18-watt charger from Apple to use with your phone. You can get it from any of the company’s stores or websites.

It’s best to obtain iPhone 11 Pro Max Charger from the official market so that your devices will be protected. If you buy one from anywhere, there is no warranty on battery efficiency; it could damage over time.

iphone charging cable

You could charge your device with a USB-C to lightning cable, but you’d have to spend a lot of money – $35 for 2 meters. The longer one costs just over a third more.

The iPhone 11 has a laundry list of features, but there are frustrating omissions. The slow charger included in this model is only 5W, despite the 10-watt charger on the previous model. That means that your battery will often die before your phone has reached a full charge.

Buying Apple’s new USB-C chargers, the ones that come with their latest iPhones ensures that you always have a charged phone on hand when you need it. You’ll get the best-possible charge out of the iPhone 11 with this charger. iPhone 11 Pro Max Charger has USB-C & fast charging abilities that will give you a 50% charge in under 30 minutes and a 100% charge in about an hour and 40 minutes.

If you still want to use your old-style chargers for your iPad, then the 12W version is the way to go. These are no slouch performers when it comes to charging either & will charge a little faster than you used to be able to. However, they will be twice as quickly as the 5W brick. If you’re buying a new charger for your tablet, it will be the best one. And you may already have one if you’ve purchased an iPad before!

With the need for speed and reliability being key, you’ll save time & money by switching over to Apple’s fast USB-C chargers. They’re even compatible with MacBooks!


You can charge your iPhone with a Wattage output of 87 Watts, which is pretty much the standard Apple charger. iPhones don’t need any faster charge times because of the maximum wattage throughput for the port at 33.3W.

The improvement in battery capacity means an iPhone 11 can last twice as long before it needs charging. If you match iPhone 11 Pro Max Charger with the iPhone 6S, which had a 1715 MAH battery, and you’ll notice how much stronger modern batteries are today. With so many advancements in battery technology, you can expect significant improvements with every new generation of iPhone. Current models are twice as powerful compared to the iPhone 6S before it.