4 Best Ironing Boards To Buy In India

4 Best Ironing Boards To Buy In India

Ironing is one of the daily chores that need to be done. The right iron can make this chore a lot easier. A good ironing board will help to increase your productivity. No matter what kind of ironing board you need, you have a few things to consider before you buy one. In this blog, we will look at some of the best ironing boards, as well as some things you should look at when buying one.

1. Bathla X-Pres Ace Ironing Board



The Bathla X-Pres Ace Pro is one of the best Ironing boards you could get. It is made from premium quality durable steel and has an aluminized Ironing surface. It is has a multi-function tray that can be used for stacking clothes and, comes with an extendable step-less height adjustment.


It also has multiple other features made right in for your convenience, such as the aluminized cloth cover which helps to reflect heat and save up to 40% electricity and time, anti-skid shoes, Iron rest, and even a wire manager to keep those wires from tangling, and even more.

Key Features

  • Innovative wire manager
  • Durable & lightweight metal frame


  • Extendable step-less height adjustment
  • Aluminized Ironing surface for better efficiency


  • A bit more costly than others

2. PENG Essentials Deluxe Ironing board



Peng’s Ironing board offers many features like the higher-end boards but at a fraction of the cost compared to others. The iron rest allows you to put your Iron at a convenient place and there’s also a garment shelf beneath the board that can be used to store folded garments.

The ventilated mesh top allows for optimal steam flow, and the legs are lightweight and sturdy. However, some reviewers feel that the padding could have been thicker.

Key Features

  • Electrostatic Stainless paint finish
  • Mesh top surface with removable 1.5-inch thick padding


  • Iron rest
  • Garment shelf
  • Comes at a good price range


  • Some complained it wobbles a bit

3. Storage Maniac Tabletop Ironing Board with Folding Legs


Storage Maniac’s small but, useful and convenient ironing board will help you save space. It is a small portable Ironing board with foldable legs, it measures just over 23 inches in length and 14 inches in width. This makes it easy to store under a bed or even in a closet. It is small folds up so you can set it on top of any table or a flat surface.

Amazon has almost 1K reviews. They give this board five stars because it is large enough to iron on while being compact enough to store anywhere.

Key Features

  • Good vapor permeability and heat dissipation.
  • Offers small foldable legs


  • Compact size
  • Foldable legs


  • Not the best for ironing sleeves.
  • Doesn’t have an iron rest
  • Availability issues

4. Honey-Can-Do Door Hanging Ironing Board


This Honey Can Do’s ironing board can be hunged over doors to save floor space. The ironing board is easy to mount with the help of included hooks above any door that will keep it in place. When not in use, the ironing board can be folded down and be locked so that it can lie flat completly against your door. While this ironing board may not be for everyone, it is still praised for its compact size and ease of use by many.

Key Features

  • Can be laid completely flat
  • Great build quality


  • It is easy to install
  • Great space saver and has solid built-quality


  • Doesn’t have an iron rest and the padding isn’t all that good
  • A smaller ironing area than other full-size boards

How to choose the best ironing board

Boards For Ironing

What are the qualities you should look for in an ironing board before purchasing? We can help!

There are three types of ironing boards available: wall-mounted, tabletop, and standing. To help you choose the right ironing board for you, we recommend examining your storage space.

Before you buy a wall-mounted iron, make sure to check your home. To iron, you will need a lot of space around the iron.

It’s important to look at the type of ironing board cover. There are many types of covers available, from cotton to heat-reflective and padded. However, you should always choose the one that is most helpful for your ironing.