New iPhone13 is Available in Sierra Blue, Pink, And Starlight! Which One Is Ideal To Buy?

New iPhone13 is Available in Sierra Blue, Pink, and Starlight! Which One Is Ideal To Buy?

The new iPhone 13 brings a new set of features to the iPhone, one of which is that users can personalize their phone with fun wallpaper & icon customizations before they even get it in the mail. Another feature allows you to change your settings after receiving the phone and start using it.

Your new phone should come with all the accessories, cable and a charger. The number of storage required depends on how full your old phone is. With that said, the best way to find out what color you want for your new phone is to see what colors are available for the model you want.

The iPhone 13 colors this year are five diverse choices. There are four new options, and the iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max has one new option.

You’ll be using the same color iPhone for a couple of years. With lots of color options, you compare each color below to find out which one is best for you.

1. White

Though not all iPhones come in white, it’s been a common choice for a long time. If you’re an iPhone fan who thinks the color options are limited and flawed, you’re likely going to be happy with Apple’s choice of white. The sleek, metallic color gives your iPhone a unique look that is likely to appeal to the eye of the people trying to reach you. It will also be less probable to get damaged even with fidgety hands.

2. Black or Dark Grey

Black or Dark Grey

Previously, it was almost certain that almost all users owned a black or dark gray phone. They look good on everything and are less likely to get scratches on the black glass if you use them devoid of a case.

That Metal bands which surrounds the external of the phone showpieces of any scratches that were present in the material in your phone. These bands don’t have to be silver, but they tend to show up better with a color that goes with the phone.

Using a phone case is a great way to protect your investment from scratches, tear & wear and provide it a graceful look. Want a little more personality for your phone? You can buy custom-made ones directly from the manufacturer!

3. Blue

Earlier, Apple launched the very popular product red iPhone, this year. It was made available as a separate option and will continue to be one of the top options for people seeking a sleek device with red accents. This color is bold & stands out, even better than other colors you might have. The inverse might also be true to get attractive perks outside company-sponsored events and within certain stores.

No, there was no special name given such as Starlight or Midnight to this color other than “Blue.” It is similar in the case of other colors such as red, green, and purple. It features a sleek design and can fit into nearly any lifestyle. It even has minimal bezels compared to other models, which means you don’t have to use a case, but they are still available if you need one.

If you want your favorite iPhone to have a decal or texture pattern, go ahead and pick the Starlight version of it – they come out great. You’ll have a light-colored surface and bright white base, which gives this product extra protection.

Seriously, with a name like “Starlight” & this tagline on the side, you have to have something even better. The Silver color iPhone’s design is a classic grid of attractive colors and textures that make your phone a super comfortable grip.

There are decals all over the back, which makes it look shiny & stylish! Now, do you need more reasons to give this phone a try? Coming in matte and glossy colors, this is great for people who can’t stand owning all matte black or prefer a light touch.

4. Pink

iPhone13 pink

There are many times when Apple consumers have been requesting for pink color. The iPhone 13 pink is here on our shop shelves and online now. You can finally buy the pink color you’ve been looking for. The iPhone 13 model is also delicate and not as flashy as the other more popular options available, such as Red or Blue.

Similar to all the colors featured in this case, the color is easy to match with your lifestyle. With a build that can withstand scratches and drips, this phone will last you a long time while maintaining its fashionable appearance.

5. Sierra Blue

Apple usually introduces a new iPhone color option each year, and this year it is Sierra Blue. It is a very vivid blue that’s not quite as dark as the Pacific Blue, and you can barely tell the difference because it seems parallel to graphite.

Get this phone’s color! The nearly indigo iPhone 13 Pro will turn heads and make some jealous. This is the perfect phone for anyone who either has a clear case or wants to envy their peers with their newest gadgets.