Different Ways to Use This Tea Towel

Tea Towel

Why The Need Tea Towel

Tea towels are used in the kitchen for serving scones or muffins, as well as for cleaning cutlery. Although it is also used to decorate tea and breakfast tables.

Today’s tea towels are usually made of cotton. The term tea towel is used for any flat-weave dish towel in small size. They are easily available in home goods stores, online merchants and gift shops. While they are still used for drying dishes in the kitchen and catching drips at tea time.

A tea towel is a soft cloth made of linen, cotton or a combination of the two, and usually has an imprinted or woven design for decoration as well.

We use this product –

  • To decor the tea tray
  • As an apron
  • Place on the edge of a plate for presentation
  • As a stabilizer beneath the cutting board
  • As an oven mitt
  • As a pad upon which rest items right out from the oven
  • As a cover for proofing bread
  • To polish glassware
  • To dehydrate fruit
  • As a liner for baked goods and snack chips
  • As a napkin at the dinner table

What to look for before buy

Buy Tea Towel

1. Material
The tea towel should be 100% high-quality made up of unbleached cotton. It will absorb the liquid easily. It will make your hand feel soft and easy to use as well.

2. Colour
The second thing is you would definitely choose is a colour to wash easy and looks good as well. Plain white texture to blend with any design would be a good choice, easy to clean, machine wash and dry.

3. Absorbent
The absorbent is the main thing which we should go for. The best quality material will absord the liquid better. So choose wisely. able to quickly absorb liquids

4. Thickness and durability
It is a durable towel of quality construction made to last. However, It used everyday so the thickness and durability is an important factor before buying.

5. Style
Nowadays Everything has a style. Even tea towels also have many styles variation from striped to plain to checkered etc which appeal eyes whereas looks good in kitchen.

Here are some tea towel which you can consider 


1. Ikea Cotton Tea Towel

If you are looking a tea towel with loop for hanging and easy storing when not in use. Then Ikea Cotton Tea Towel is waiting for you.

Important Features

1. Length – 26 inches
2. Width – 20 inches
3. Colour – Four differnt colour and design
4. Material- 100% cotton


  • These tea towel are very soft
  • Easy to clean
  • Best absorbing capacity


  • Decent durability

2. Kelli Dotted-Pattern tea towel

Kelli tea towels are made best quality material that will absorb liquids quickly. C. Its usage makes you feel extra fresh. This Kelli tea towel Comes in wide range of colours so you can decorate your table according to season and mood.

Important Features

1. Size- 18*16 inches
2. Material- 100% Cotton
3. Wide ranges of colour


  • It has soft material
  • Its spill quickly
  • It looks lovely with tea tray


  • Little bit small size

3. Ikea Tea Towel, White/Green/Patterned45x60 cm

If low shrinkage is your priority in tea towel, than you can choose this product. Its has only 4% maximum shrinkage. Other than that it comes with loop for hanging in the kitchen or tray. Each towel has a different design which can be used according to need.

Important Features

1. Material- 100% cotton
3. Shrinkage maximum – 4%.
4. Size- 45×60 cm
5. Machine wash- max 60°C


  • Easy to clean
  • It has low shrinkage
  • It comes with loop for hanging


  • It has decent durability