Best Selling Water Purifier In India

Why purifier water is most important?

Water is our life. It helps our body to be hydrated, healthy and cure many diseases. Every human being needs clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and daily purposes in life. Now the question is why we should need clean and purified water. To know the answers, keep scrolling.

1. Great quality water

Purification helps us to get clean and fresh water with a refreshing taste and no unpleasant odor. Good quality water increases the taste of the food and maintains a healthy atmosphere.

2. Remove impurities

Impurities such as mud, bacteria, virus, and many more contaminants are there in water and virtually it’s impossible to remove all those impurities. So, one can use a private purifier to get rid of those.

3. Protect the environment

We all know plastics are the enemy of mother nature and, if we use bottled water, that means we buy them regularly and throw the empty bottle in the garbage. In this way, we are contributing plastics in nature and doing several damages. By installing a purifier at home, one can easily get fresh water without harming nature.

Factors to check before buying a water purifier 

Contaminated water is dangerous not only for kids but also for adults as it can lead to various diseases. As a result, the installation of purification has increased day by day.

Here are some parameters you should consider before buying a purifier. Let’s check one by one.

Quality of water

The utmost thing is you should know about the quality of water that you use for drinking at home. And then select a water purifier which meets your requirement. As the quality of water is different in different areas. Some water has sediments while the next has germs and viruses which will affect the health. The odor and taste of water also vary due to the presence of impurities. Once you know about the proper type of water at your home. Then choosing the water purifier will be easy for you.

Know your budget

A water purifier starts from very cheap to a high range. So, the thing is you should decide how much to invest in a water purifier. According to your budget, you can go for the best technology from that and which suits the requirement as it is always a long-term investment.

The technology used in water purifiers

There may be confusion about which one to choose amongst many brands of water purifiers.

The best way is to compare the purification technology used by the company. Every purifier has its mechanism to filter the contaminated water. There are many technologies such as–

  • RO (Reverse Osmosis treatment). RO technology uses a membrane to detect and remove particles, hardness, Metals, and so on and makes the water perfect for drinking. 
  • pH Balance Technology is the latest in the market in Water Purifiers that balance the pH Levels in Water.
  • Then comes UV ( Ultraviolet) water purifier which uses Ultraviolet radiation to kill germs in the water.
  •  UF (Ultrafiltration) technology. Here, Hydrostatic pressure is used to kill bacteria and viruses present in the water. 
  • TDS controls the taste in water. 

Hopefully, now You are able to choose the right purification technology that meets your requirements.

Electric or non-electric

From the availability in the markets, one can choose according to their needs i.e., maybe an electric and non-electric water purifier. Non-electric water purifiers are much cheaper than electric ones. Both the type of purifier remove the impurities, bad odor and filtered the sediments, and these all work according to the technology used by the company. And one thing to keep in mind, in some rural areas where there is no electricity electric purifiers are useless.


Water is the most essential part of life. Water purification will ensure you and your family’s wellness. 

Nowadays there is a lot of demand for water purifiers and now the market is flooded with different small to big brands.
You should prefer a brand that fulfills all the requirements.

Choose wisely!



Eureka forbes Aquaguard Aura 7L Ro+Uv E-Boiling + Mtds Water Purifier with Active Copper and Mineral Guard Technology ,8 Stages of Purification (Black and Copper)
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Item Weight 8.86 kg 10.5 kg
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Model Number GWPDAURUM00000 WPNT600
Warranty Description 1 Year; 1 Year product warranty on manufacuturing defects as per the user manual 1 year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase