3 Best Office Chairs In India

3 Best Office Chairs In India

Why need for office chairs?

Office chairs used to be in wooden base before 4 to 5 decades. Ever since the modernization took place, there has to be a relaxing chair in the office especially for the boss. Later all the office chairs are kept in most comfy format in order to avoid any back pain. The structure of the office chair should be easy and comfort provider. The person sitting on the chair can sit for more than 8 to 9 hours a day.

The chairs for offices are designed with the adjustment bars by considering the distinct heights of individuals. The chair should not be the cause of the health problems to the employees at large. After all the employees are going to be the most important factor for the success of the company. Compromises with the health issues may not be affordable for the company if they are caused due to inappropriate facilities.

What to look for before buy chair

Office Chairs
Comfort is the most important factor needs to be considered while buying the office chair. Depending on the desk height, the height of the chair should be adjustable. The adjustment bars should be easy to adjust in order to operate by anyone. The spatial distance from feet to the floor should be minimum foot rests should be proper and sturdy to rest the foot over them. The chair should have the wheels with which movements can be done smoothly.

The office chair should look like a professional. They should have rest stands for hands as well. They should not be weak at the back because leaning may cause accidents if are not sturdy enough. The load should be carried smoothly. Most importantly the chairs must be pocket friendly in price estimates.

Important Features of an ideal office chair-

  • The chair should be strong and sturdy
  • The office chair must be professional in looks
  • It should be having a great airflow
  • It must perform well in carrying heavy weights
  • It should come with arm rest
  • It should have a sturdy cushion for the comfort
  • The office chair has to have a neck support with the help of pillow
  • The chair should be able to rotate till 180 degrees
  • The office chair should have the lumbar support
  • The chair must come up with the warranty of minimum 5 years
  • The office chair should have an attractive design and sober color

Best office chairs in India

Best office chair

1. Green Soul Beast Series Multi-Functional Office Chair

Green soul beast series chairs are favorable by most of the companies due to the affordable range of prices. All these chairs are available under 15000.

1. Strong structure like a body
2. Durable
3. Great supported for lower back
4. Can be used for gaming and work purpose as well

Does not come with mesh back

2. Feather lite Liberate High Back Ergonomic Office Chair

This one is a popular brand in the office chair. It has been manufactured with best quality material. Exclusive models have the varieties in formats and designs.

1. It has mesh back support
2. Airflow performance improvised
3. Strong body structure
4. Can be good at carrying 150 Kg weight

1. This chair is not recommended to the students
2. Wipro Furniture Medium Back Executive Office Chair
3. Wipro brand is much popular brand and the chair collection of their exclusive stores is simply amazing. The chairs are made up of ergonomically engineered tilt mechanism for resting the feet on the floor while using it.

1. Affordable
2. Adjustable at the back and arms
3. Better at back support
Thick seat pattern